Whether you are a novice and want to learn the fundamentals of golf or an accomplished player looking to fine tune your game, there is no better place than Richter Park. Our new driving range, along with our two practice greens for chipping and putting, including a bunker for sand play, allow for comprehensive instruction for your complete game.

Golf lessons at Richter Park are a unique and highly education experience - while be both affordable and fun.  All lessons offer instruction focusing on all aspects of the games.  Throughout your lesson our teaching professionals will utilize the newest in state of the art technology. Our teaching staff is available at your convenience for individual or group instruction.

  Adult Senior Junior
Par Level
30 minute or 1 hour lessons
30 min.

1 hr.
30 min.
Birdie Level
choice of four 30 minute or two 1 hour lessons
$200.00 $195.00 $190.00
Eagle Level
choice of six 30 minute or three 1 hour lessons
$285.00 $270.00 $270.00
Double Eagle Level
choice of ten 30 minute or five 1 hour lessons
$450.00 $425.00 $425.00

Scheduling lessons with Jonathan Pinto, Class "A" PGA Head Golf Professional is easy and convenient!

Call him at 203-792-2550 ext. 110 or via email at

Or stop by and speak with him in person.

To schedule a lesson with Teaching Golf Professional Brian Lamberti, call at 203-792-2550 ext 160 or via email at